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1. Create a Coldfusion style uuid with MySQL

What if you have a Coldfusion application that uses uuid values in the database, but you would like to insert data directly using MySQL? Unfortunately, Coldfusion's createuuid() function creates a 35 character uuid value, while the uuid() function in MySQL creates a 36 character uuid value.

Tags: Coldfusion, Mura CMS, MySQL
2. Running and Riding Stats from Strava data

As a cyclist, runner, and a person into technology, it is difficult not to be attracted to Strava. With Strava's open API, I immediately wanted to access my data and find ways to work with it. I started with putting together a simple API wrapper in Coldfusion and am now working it into a Mura CMS plugin for storing and displaying data on my own site. 

Tags: Coldfusion, Mura CMS, Strava API, Running, Cycling
3. Mura CMS content truncated

Pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your long content on a Mura CMS page is being truncated? There is a good chance that your datasource in the Coldfusion Administrator has too small of a value for the long text buffer (chr) setting.

Tags: Coldfusion, MySQL, Mura CMS
4. Adding the release date to a Mura CMS content

Do you have a section in your Mura CMS site for blog posts of press releases that you would like to display the release date at the top of each page? There are a couple of ways that this could be accomplished. You could create a component that uses the Mura tag to display the release date, $.content('releaseDate'), and then include it into the content body of each page using the mura tag within the editor. Or, you could use the onPageBodyRender event and your theme or site eventHandler to do the work for you.

Tags: Mura CMS
5. Obfuscate email address in Mura CMS content

Have the desire to use simple javascript obfuscation on email addresses within your Mura CMS content? There is a function available in global.js that can be used as seen in the following example.

Tags: Mura CMS

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