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453.74 04/02/2016 06/02/2018

Pearl Izumi EM Trail N2

My first dedicated trail shoe, the Trail N2's felt fantastic right off the bat. The fit and comfort are much better than the Road M2's that I tried previously.

Right off the bat, during my first run in these shoes, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they felt. The shoe hugged my foot better than the Road M2's that I also have, providing a great fit all around my foot. My Road M2's have a foot box that feels a little larger and also does not provide the same comfort level of these shoes. The Trail N2 just seems to fit better around the entire shoe. 

Compared to the Brooks shoes I normally wear, the Pearl Izumi's feel much lighter. Traction in the shoes has been good, but as my first dedicated trail shoe, I'm unable to make any real comparisons. So far, I really like these shoes.


I only have around 70 miles on these shoes now, but I will say that my foot floats a bit in the shoe and it has led to hotspots and/or blisters. I want to love these shoes, but I just can't nail the fit.


I ended up putting well over 400 miles in these shoes and for most of the time, they were a really enjoyable shoe that felt light and fast. I'd say that the footbed would really let me feel rough trails but this is expected from a shoe in this weight range. In my final race in these shoes, I developed large blisters on my heels due to the movement I typically had in these shoes due to the fit.


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