Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
434.59 6/13/2015 6/29/2017

Pearl Izumi EM Road M2

I thought it would be only fair to try a different brand of running shoes and I had heard good things about Pearl Izumi. Familiar with the brand from their cycling shoes I was encouraged to give the brand a try. 

At first, these shoes felt very different from all of previous running shoes. I've only been wearing Brooks running shoes during my short running life and these were my first try at something different. It almost felt dishonest, I've loved all of my Brooks running shoes so far.

The first few runs I found these shoes to feel not only more flat, but also wider than what I've grown accustomed to. I found them to be a bit uncomfortable at first, but after a few miles they start to feel rather nice. I've noticed that these shoes feel better the further into your run. 

They are definitely extremely light feeling. They definitely feel lighter than my lightest pair of Brooks, Ghost 7's. They seem good for runs up to 10k and possibly much longer than that, but for the most part that is the distance that I have been running in mine. I'm curious to see how these hold up after a few hundred miles and I'll have to update here.


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