Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
401.09 06/22/2015 --

Brooks Ravenna 6

I really liked my first pair of Brooks Ravenna running shoes which were the 5th edition. They were my go-to shoes for most of the season I owned them and I completed three half marathon races in them. When they were close to being worn out, I knew that I wanted a new pair. 

I'll admit, I was not immediately excited about my new pair, the 6th edition. The fit was, for me, not as good. The new versions also felt a little heavier. I just did not have the same feeling with these as I had with the previous version.

I started only running on the indoor track for the first hundred or so miles of owning these shoes. I have since started to run outside with them but other shoes pull for my attention so these still only have 188 miles despite the time I've owned them. I plan to put them back into the rotation for road running, so I may have a further update after giving them a second chance.

Update. I still don't like these shoes. I still run in them occasionally, but they are the first shoe I've actually do not enjoy wearing. Funny as I loved the Ravenna 5's I wore before these.


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