Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
432.09 10/20/2014 10/26/2015

Brooks Ravenna 5

I was experiencing slight pain in the top of my left foot as I started to increase my mileage while training for my first marathon. My first two pairs of running shoes were neutral. Both pairs showed heavier wear on the outside edge of the heels. I noticed that the Ravenna was labeled as having mild support and figured it was worth giving them a try.

Immediately after starting my first run I noticed that these shoes had less drop from the back to the front of the shoe. It did not bother me, but it was immediately noticeable. It definitely felt different, but I quickly got used to the feeling of these shoes. 

I did not wear these shoes exclusively, but while wearing these shoes in my rotation, the pain in my left foot that I was experiencing went away. I wore these shoes for the majority of my training for my second half marathon and wore them during the race as well. 


I've noticed that the heal wear on the Ravenna 5's is more even than what I experienced with my previous neutral running shoes. I also noticed that I wear the toe of the shoes heavier as well, which would seem to be due to the higher toe box compared to the Ghost's and Glycerin's. 

I still have a few miles left in this pair of shoes, but I enjoyed them enough that I have purchased a pair of Ravenna 6's to replace these once they hit retirement mileage. 



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