Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
390.68 12/25/2013 4/15/2015

Brooks Glycerin 11

These shoes are often considered to be the Cadillac of the Brooks lineup and I would have to agree. When I first tried these shoes out, they definitely had more cushion, comfort and a wider overall feel to the Brooks Ghost 5's I had been running in during my short running career.    

The Glycerin 11's were my second set of running shoes and my first impression was that they felt a little bit heavier than the Ghost 5's that I started running with, but also a lot more comfortable. The Glyercin 11's are extremely comfortable, a great shoe for long training runs.

I wore these shoes for the majority of my training for my first half marathon as well as the race itself. I'd definitely consider getting another pair of Glycerin's, but I'd be lying if I did not prefer a little lighter feeling pair of running shoes. When I think about the Glycerin's, comfort definitely comes to mind. 

The Glycerin's are a neutral shoe and they wore very similar to my previous pair of shoes, the Ghost 5's, with pronounced wear on the outer edges of my heal. This wear pattern and some continuing discomfort in my left foot led me to try the Brooks Ravena 5's as my next shoe in attempt to see if a stability shoe would be more to my liking. 


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