Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
430.64 01/12/2016 04/23/2017

Brooks Ghost 8 GTX

I've really like every pair of Brooks Ghost running shoes that I've owned. My first pair of running shoes were Brooks Ghosts. As I started to do more winter running, my wife treated me to a pair of Gore-Tex Ghosts for my birthday. 

I really liked these shoes for winter and early spring running. They feel just like the regular Ghosts with possibly just a little bitter stiffer upper and also a warmer feeling shoe. I used these in both rain and snow often and they would keep my feet dry as long as I did not submerge the shoes deeper than the top of the shoe. The extra warmth of these is a benefit in the winter but not a plus if you wear them during warmer seasons. 

I have just over 400 miles on this pair and plan to replace them with another pair soon.


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