Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
472.39 10/20/2014 03/23/2017

Brooks Ghost 7

I loved my Brooks Ghost 5 running shoes and was excited to return to a pair of Ghosts after trying the Glycerin model. When I first put these on, I definitely thought they felt different than my previous pair, which were two generations behind. At first, I was concerned. Would I not be smitten with my new pair of Brooks Ghosts?

After a few runs in these shoes my concerns dissipated. All of my previous feelings returned. These shoes are incredibly comfortable. They feel very light. I feel faster in these shoes in comparison to the other models I have tried. All good things. 

I use the Ghost primarily for shorter runs, under 10 miles. I have not yet tried these in an actual half marathon race, but I think they would be a great choice. It appears to be a perfect compromise of all the qualities you would want in a neutral running shoe. 

UPDATE: After retiring these shoes with 463 miles I'll have to say that I really enjoyed them. So much so that I picked up another pair awhile back and look forward to putting in some miles in those.


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