Current Mileage Purchase Date Retirement Date
264.18 5/23/2012 5/15/2014

Brooks Ghost 5

These were my first running shoes as well as the shoes that I wore through the beginning of my running journey. They were a commitment to getting into better shape and starting a new challenge. They felt fantastic the moment I tried them on.

I purchased these shoes at my local running store, Runners Edge. I was completely new to running and had no idea about what to look for in a running shoe. I explained my situation to the sales person helping me and they asked me a few questions and had me jog for a bit on the treadmill. It was determined that I needed a "neutral" running shoe and they brought out several pairs to try. The Brooks Ghost felt the best of the three pairs that I tried. I don't remember the other brands, but after taking a quick jog around the block, I was sold. 

Of all the Brooks shoes I've now tried, I've always really liked this pair of Ghost 5's. They balnace between light and comfort perfectly and provide a fantastic all around shoe. I feel faster in the Ghosts than I do in either Glycerin or Ravenna models. 

I've found that I wear the outside rear portion of the sole more than any other spot. I feel this is due to very mild pronation as I don't get this as much in the Ravenna which provides mild stability. I used these shoes before I accurately tracked mileage per shoes, but my guess is that I put around 400 miles on this first pair of running shoes. 

Brooks can thank my local running store for suggesting this pair of shoes, as it has led to the purchase of multiple other pairs of Brooks Running shoes. These were the first and still probably my favorites.


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