Not what I had envisioned

I was looking forward to running in the annual Missoula Turkey Day 8k to see how my time compared to last year. I have not been running as much as I would like in the past two months, but I had put in the most miles by far this year and was hoping to improve on my time of 41:33.27 from last year. Things did not go as planned...

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Pumpkin Run 5k

It is hard to keep running as the summer winds down and we move into fall. I've been hoping to use the Run Wild Missoula sponsored Pumpkin Run 5k and The Turkey Day 8k as motivation to keep me getting miles in as the year ends.

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38th Annual Western Montana Hill Climb

The Western Montana Hill Climb took place this past weekend during a gorgeous Sunday morning. A four mile climb that gains a little over 800 feet as it works it way up Pattee Canyon, this ride is common with locals due to its close proximity to downtown. The race has a unique history and it is great fun to be able to be a part of the tradition. 

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Fall Riding

The mountain biking season is quickly coming to an end. At least for me, others may ride later into the season, but I know I will probably one get a handful of rides in before it becomes cold and snowy. The days become too short to fit in rides after work and other obligations end up taking almost all of my weekend time. I was glad to get a ride in today under almost perfect conditions.

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What a night!

Cool temperatures in the 70's. Blue skies with a few clouds to add interest. Not a single bit of forest fire smoke to be inhaled. Everything was perfect for mountain bike riding at Blue Mountain Recreation Area this evening. The views on the way to Hayes Point and then later on Picnic Point were some of the best that I have ever witnessed. An excellent night all around and no flat tires!

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