Create a Coldfusion style uuid with MySQL

What if you have a Coldfusion application that uses uuid values in the database, but you would like to insert data directly using MySQL? Unfortunately, Coldfusion's createuuid() function creates a 35 character uuid value, while the uuid() function in MySQL creates a 36 character uuid value.

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Running and Riding Stats from Strava data

As a cyclist, runner, and a person into technology, it is difficult not to be attracted to Strava. With Strava's open API, I immediately wanted to access my data and find ways to work with it. I started with putting together a simple API wrapper in Coldfusion and am now working it into a Mura CMS plugin for storing and displaying data on my own site. 

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Coldfusion Strava API wrapper

I've been wanting to work with the Strava API to gain access to my running and cycling data that I store on the service. I did a quick search for a Coldfusion based api wrapper, but was unable to find anything. So, I started to put together my own Strava V3 API wrapper written in Coldfusion.

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Mura CMS content truncated

Pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your long content on a Mura CMS page is being truncated? There is a good chance that your datasource in the Coldfusion Administrator has too small of a value for the long text buffer (chr) setting.

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AWS support interaction surprise!

I'll admit it. I made a mistake. I went to purchase a reserved instance from Amazon Web Services and accidentally added a quantity of 2 instead of 1. As I clicked the button to confirm the purchase, I realized my mistake a moment too late. I just agreed to an upfront fee as well as a monthly fee for the next year for a web instance that I did not need.

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