Fall Riding

Sep 27, 2014 8:35:00 PM

The mountain biking season is quickly coming to an end. At least for me, others may ride later into the season, but I know I will probably one get a handful of rides in before it becomes cold and snowy. The days become too short to fit in rides after work and other obligations end up taking almost all of my weekend time. I was glad to get a ride in today under almost perfect conditions.

We have had some recent rain and tempratures were in the low 60's. The feel of fall has set in and the colors are starting to show. With a Griz game today, the main trailhead parking lot had very few vehicles, a sign of uncroweded trails. 

We rode at a decent pace, but were definitely not setting any records. It was just an all around enjoyable ride. Perfect cool weather, great trail conditions and both my body and bike felt good. These are the rides that you remember and keep you coming back for more. Sorry to see the season winding towards a close.