AWS support interaction surprise!

Sep 4, 2014 10:55:00 PM


I'll admit it. I made a mistake. I went to purchase a reserved instance from Amazon Web Services and accidentally added a quantity of 2 instead of 1. As I clicked the button to confirm the purchase, I realized my mistake a moment too late. I just agreed to an upfront fee as well as a monthly fee for the next year for a web instance that I did not need.

The last thing I wanted to do was have to sell the extra instance on the AWS Marketplace. Nothing against the Marketplace, I just did not want to do anything beyond reserving a single instance. I quickly looked for a way to cancel my order. Nothing stood out in the control panel, so I looked for a contact link in the footer of the page.

As I filled out the web form and explained my situation, I noticed that I had the option to correspond by email or phone. By phone? Righat away? After entering my phone number, the thought continued going through my head, will they really call tonight, tomorrow, half way through next week... I only made it that far before the sound of my phone ringing in the next room returned me to the current reality. 

The call went quickly, I explained my mistake and the represenative explained my options. They would cancel my order and I could place a new order for a single instance instead of two that I had mistakely ordered. Time and or money saved. Customer sastisfaction received as well...

I've dealt with plenty of online support over the last 18 years, some horrible others good, but this interactions stands out as one of the best. Within a few minutes of realizing my mistake with financial consequences, I was able to get the situation resolved. Amazing support and customer service in my opinion. Great job Amazon Web Services!