Another personal blog on the internet... this website is exactly that. A place to share my recent activities and thoughts with friends, family or anyone else that is interested. I'm a middle aged guy living in western Montana who is interested in technology, photography and sports.

On the technology side, this website allows me the chance to "eat my own dog food" for a lack of a better term. The site is running on Mura CMS, an opensource content management system written in CFML. While not the purpose of this blog, I will from time to time write posts about Mura CMS or web development in general using Coldfusion, Javascript, HTML5 or other technologies. 

I've been very interested in photogrpahy for the last 10+ years and enjoy both landscape as well as sports/action photography. I feel lucky to live in such an amazing area and hope to take advantage of it while I have the opportunity to reside in this area of the world. 

With the remaining time I have left, I love to bike and have found a new interest in running. I hope to share some of my biking adventures as well as my journey to improve as a runner.