A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I've been meaning to write down some thoughts about my training this year, but up to this point I've only managed to do the running not the writing. I'm now into my second season of consistent running and am really excited about both of the half marathons that I already have on my schedule. Last season, I followed a training plan leading up to my first ever half marathon and I feel it went really well. I felt good about my race and enjoyed the entire process from the start of training to crossing the finish line.

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Running and Riding Stats from Strava data

As a cyclist, runner, and a person into technology, it is difficult not to be attracted to Strava. With Strava's open API, I immediately wanted to access my data and find ways to work with it. I started with putting together a simple API wrapper in Coldfusion and am now working it into a Mura CMS plugin for storing and displaying data on my own site. 

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Coldfusion Strava API wrapper

I've been wanting to work with the Strava API to gain access to my running and cycling data that I store on the service. I did a quick search for a Coldfusion based api wrapper, but was unable to find anything. So, I started to put together my own Strava V3 API wrapper written in Coldfusion.

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New Year's Eve 2 mile Prediction Run

Kim and I both decided to do the New Year's Eve 2 mile Prediction run to close out the running year. I predicted a 2 mile time of 15:25 and ended up running a flat 15:00. I always seem to push a little harder when around others and it is interesting to run without the Garmin watch which provides instant feedback at all times. 

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Photo inspiration

Looking for inspiration to get out and take some photos? I'm always excited about photography after checking out the Canon DSLR Owners group on Flickr. 

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