Missing thumbnail images when attaching links to facebook posts

I have a Facebook page for my photography and often post links to new galleries that I add to my site on the wall. Recently, when I would attach a link it would no longer add a thumbnail image. I always link to a page of thumbnail images and the typical behavior would allow me to select one of those thumbnails to appear in the wall post. Out of the blue, this just stopped.

After a little searching, I decided to try the URL Linter tool that Facebook provides to see if it could help determine why the thumbnails were no longer showing. The URL Linter shows you the data that they obtain from a particular link and also is supposed to clear the share cache. Nothing stood out in the results, but from that point forward when I add a link to a post I again have the option to select a thumbnail. Hope this can help someone else that finds themselves in the same situation.


James Moberg

Are you using the "link" tag on your pages? If so, you can use this to assign the photo that you want to be used. http://website.com/screenshot.png">

James Moberg

Code reposting... the blog didn't properly escape the HTML. [link rel="image_src" href="http://website.com/screenshot.png"]

John Sieber

@James - thanks for the tip.


Did you ever figure out an answer to this. It's been happening to me on FB and I have no clue how to fix it. Thx.

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