Facebook Wall JQuery - display a wall on an external site

The Facebook Wall JQuery plugin by Neosmart makes it super easy to display the wall of a facebook account on a website. An interesting way to show non facebook users the community of people discussing your business or organization.

The plugin allows you to custom the look of the wall using css and control the number of wall posts that are displayed. Setup could not be easier as you just link to jquery, the plugin itself, a style sheet and then place a div where you want the wall to display. This seems like a very easy way to bring some of the community and interaction back to your site that left with the explosion of social media.


James Moberg

Thanks for sharing this... I was using Facebook's integration it seemed more intrusive. I had to modify my Facebook page so that it was open to everyone (including when using Facebook's integration... they must have just changed this recently.) So please note that your wall is not accessible to the general public if you have an age restriction configured.

John Sieber

@James - thanks for the added info about the accessibility of the wall posts. The facebook account that I'm using this with is open to everyone so I did not notice those issues. They are good to point out.


how can I select a specific post not the last one

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