ColdFISH Mango Blog plugin

I've always wanted to use ColdFISH as a code syntax highlighter in Mango Blog after viewing other blogs running on BlogCFC. When I noticed Jason Delmore's post announcing ColdFISH 3.1 I inquired about a Mango Blog plugin. With some help from Jason, I was able to put together my first Mango Blog plugin, ColdFISH for Mango Blog.

URL rewriting for Mango Blog with IIS 7.5 and Apache 2.2

I recently set up url rewriting for Mango Blog on both IIS 7.5 and Apache 2.2. I followed the excellent guide by Adam Tuttle, but experienced a few issues along the way, so I decided to add a post that may prove helpful to someone else down the road.

Creating a multi file image uploader with ColdFusion and Uploadify

For some time I have wanted to update the image upload system I have on my photography website. I made it years ago and it only allowed me to upload a single image at a time. For each image the system would upload the file, make a thumbnail, allow me to classify the image and then write the data to the database. Each time I would add a new gallery I would go through this process for each image as well as incrementing a shot number in the description field for each image. Obviously, there was room for improvement as well a the possibility of saving time each time I wanted to upload a new gallery.

Facebook Wall JQuery - display a wall on an external site

The Facebook Wall JQuery plugin by Neosmart makes it super easy to display the wall of a facebook account on a website. An interesting way to show non facebook users the community of people discussing your business or organization.

Missing thumbnail images when attaching links to facebook posts

I have a facebook page for my photography and often post links to new galleries that I add to my site on the wall. Recently, when I would attach a link it would no longer add a thumbnail image. I always link to a page of thumbnail images and the typical behavior would allow me to select one of those thumbnails to appear in the wall post. Out of the blue, this just stopped.